The Potion: Rebirth

April 29, 2022

The Potion: Rebirth

We are delighted to introduce our BRAND NEW packaging and formula GLOW UPS! This rebrand has been two years in the making, with an enormous amount of passion, time and resources consuming every waking moment and many of our dreams as well!  

Why the reinvention? Why invest so much back into The Potion when our brand is already so well loved? 

It is beyond important to us to always offer the very best of the best to our cherished customers (and we SERIOUSLY treasure you). We are passionate about being the absolute finest skincare line that we can be, and are always striving towards more ethical sourcing, cutting edge ingredients, sustainability, product innovation, and customer experience. 

First let’s talk packaging…

Our new packaging is custom made in Milan and Canada with primarily recycled materials. The droppers and pumps are beautiful, functional and allow you to customize your Potion dosage for your unique needs. Our boxes have ample instructions for getting the most out of your Potion experience. It is ethically and transparently produced and is a true reflection of how special the Potion inside the bottle is. 

And speaking of what’s inside…

We first created our original formulas nearly a decade ago. We are so proud of the innovations we’ve made in the world of natural skincare. We LOVE our original formulas (and we know you do too) so you may be wondering why the change? When we created our OG recipes we used the very best ingredients available to us at the time. In the past few years there have been remarkable innovations in the world of botanical skincare ingredients and inspiration took hold of us! 

We’ve upgraded some of our our classic Potions to include new ingredients that take results to the next level. We know you love the originals, so we worked tirelessly to make them absolutely perfect. We were very careful to be respectful of the original Potion’s spirit, scent, texture and base ingredients while incorporating some of the most exciting new ingredients from around the world that support each Potion’s intention and vibe. 

Each Potion is an ethereal sensory experience with cohesive aromas, colours, and textures to take your self care routines into the realm of magic. 


We thought that you might have some questions about the changes so we've prepared a bit of an FAQ! If  you are curious about anything that we haven't covered here, we're here to answer your questions anytime through Live Chat, E-mail or Phone!

Q: What is changing?

A: Face Potions, Eye Potions, Fairy Fountain, Bibbidi Spotibi Boo and Alchemist's Elixir will have new bottles, new product boxes, and some will have slight formula changes. The re-brand will also better highlight each Potion’s multi-purpose capabilities.

Q: Why the packaging change?

A: When we first launched The Potion, we were a small farmers market brand with zero budget and needed to use packaging that was available to us in small quantities. Although we took care to source recyclable packaging, we always knew that when we had the resources, we would want to update our bottles to something transparently and ethically produced, made with recycled materials, and that would be custom and luxurious so that the outside of our bottles would reflect how special the product inside is.

Our new bottles are custom made in Milan from primarily recycled materials. The factory has multiple European certifications for quality and transparent employment practices. The bottles are beautiful, sustainable, and most importantly, more functional to use. With variable pumps and exquisite droppers, you can dispense the perfect amount of product for your unique needs. 

As we ventured into retail, we realized that with such a unique product so unlike anything else on the market, it was important to include more information to the customer. Each product will now come with an outer box with ample usage instructions, ingredients information and detailed explanation of waterless skincare. Our boxes are made in Canada from recycled paper. 

Q: Why the formula changes?

A: We know that our customers love our original formulas, so we have been careful to be respectful of the OG recipe, keep the textures and scents similar, while improving the results and sensory experience of each Potion.

We first created our OG Potions nearly a decade ago and sourced the loveliest ingredients available at the time. In the past few years there have been exciting advances in what is available on the market, and we have been inspired to reformulate some of our Potions to include more powerful botanical extracts and peptides, more beautiful natural colours, and to be even gentler on the skin.

Q: Will the prices change?

A: A few of the prices will increase by $5-$10, some will remain as is. Many of the Potions that are seeing a price increase, are also seeing an increase in product size and quality. Through this change, we are not increasing our profits, merely covering some increased costs in the name of quality, customer experience, ethical production, and sustainability. The truth is, over the last couple of years our expenses have raised astronomically (many of our ingredients cost nearly twice as much as when we launched The Potion). A slight price increase was inevitable, and we wanted to bring our customers a product that would be even more exciting, luxurious and special at the same time.


We want to thank you so much for coming on this exciting journey with us. As a female owned company that has never accepted outside investment (we started The Potion with our collective life savings), it is truly YOUR support that has allowed us to grow to this point. We promise to always re-invest in making our brand better for you. To never rest at "good enough". To keep pushing the limits of how magical self-care rituals can be. 


Sylvan & Mama Joy



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