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The Mask Alchemist Complete Collection

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This collection includes all 5 Alchemy Masks, 1 Alchemist's Elixir, 1 Artisan Mask Bowl by Jessica Danbrook, 1 Wooden Teaspoon and Instruction Card.

It has always been our mission to bring you inventive formulations with the most exciting, exotic and effective ingredients in the world. Alchemy masks take this to another level. An exploration through the list of ingredients in each mask is like a thrilling world tour. From vitamin rich Dragon Fruit and Wild Blueberry to soothing Butterfly Pea Flower and Sea Buckthorn, antioxidant Moringa Leaf and Chaga Mushroom to enzymatic Papaya and Mango. Alchemy Masks have yet to have their potent ingredients activated, so you receive the freshest mask possible for ultimate results. Click HERE to explore the results and ingredients of each Alchemy Mask.

With Alchemy Masks you are the Potion Master. Every Mask formula is compatible with its sisters, so you can mix, match and blend to suit your skin’s ever-changing needs. We believe in skin diversity and that your mask should be as unique as you are. Alchemy Masks can be blended with Alchemist’s Elixir (a serum of oils and humectants to complete the mask formula) or combined with your choice of oils, liquids and mix-ins that you can find at home. 

The complete collection includes everything you need for endless possibilities of custom masks. You can choose different masks each time you apply to respond to your skin's needs. If you are feeling adventurous you can experiment with blending your own unique mask formulas. Alchemy Masks can also be enhanced with skin friendly ingredients tat you can find at home. Click HERE to explore the many ways you can become a Mask Alchemist. 

*Artisan Mask Bowls are each unique an the one you receive will be a beautiful surprise. Each bowl is handmade and it may not be exactly as pictured.*

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