FOLIUM. Soy, Coconut & Beeswax Candle



Main Notes: Tomato Vine, Lemon Leaf, Apple Blossom.

*Limited Edition Spring/Summer 2023

Fresh, Clean, Green. Imagine the aroma that tickles your senses as you are tending to your tomato plants. On the breeze, you catch the sweet scent of a blooming apple tree. Early summer is in the air, the vibe is fresh and hopeful, and you don’t have a care in the world.  

The Garden Collection includes three Potions with three unique scents. Inspired by our garden and the journey that a plant goes through to reach its destiny. The Scrub is rich, wet soil. The Candle is fresh greens sprouting forth. The Body Potion is a luscious flower garden daydream. A Journey from spring to late summer, exploring the forms a plant takes during its remarkable life. The soil and spouts, unfurling leaves and new blossoms, ripe flowers and fruit.  

The Folium Candle greets us mid-journey. When the leaves are soaking in the sunshine, the apple trees and tomato vines are attracting bees with their beautiful little blossoms, and the early summer feeling of promise and hope is in the air! 


Our unique all-natural wax blend features local Beeswax for air purifying and long burn time, Coconut Wax for an amazing scent throw, and Soy for a beautiful creamy wax texture. We use a blend of Essential Oils, Natural Fragrance Compounds and Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils to create the beautiful aroma. Our candles feature a sustainably sourced crackling wooden wick.

This candle is 5 oz and burns for approximately 35 hours with proper care.

Candle Care Tips: 

-On first burn, let the candle reach a full melt pool (until the wax is melted all the way to the edge of the jar on all sides). This should take around 1-2 hours and will prevent tunneling.

-With every burn keep wick trimmed to about 2-3 mm. You don't need a fancy wick trimmer, you can pinch off the crispy black part of the wick with your fingertips (once the candle has fully cooled). 

-We suggest burning your candle for 2-3 hours at a time, never burning longer than 4 hours at a time. 

-Always follow the safety instructions on the warning label that can be found on the bottom of your candle. Never burn unattended. 

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