Alchemy Mask Trio - Deep Cleansing

This collection includes three Alchemy Masks (Purification, Radiance, Nourishment), Mixing Bowl & Wooden Teaspoon (Your choice of Artisan Mask Bowl or Plain White Mask Bowl). These masks are best suited for Oily, Dull or Congested skin. 


When we are dealing with unhappy skin, we need luxury and self care more than ever. This mask is pure decadence, but don’t let the rich chocolate aroma fool you…it is also powerful! We’ve harnessed the power of magnesium rich clays, superfoods, activated charcoal and Salicin to deep cleanse, reduce inflammation and bring back your healthy glow! Click HERE for full product information and ingredients.


This brightening mask offers a diverse buffet of enzymes from Pumpkin, Papaya, Mango and Pineapple. Enzymes help to loosen and lift dead skin cells revealing the fresh, soft new skin underneath. Jojoba beads are a biodegradable, perfectly round exfoliator to help in buffing away dead skin. The result of these two types of exfoliation in harmony is brighter skin, reduction in discoloration and dullness, clear pores and increased collagen production. This mask has no added scents or essential oils, but the enzymatic ingredients smell just like delicious Pumpkin Pie! Click HERE for full product information and ingredients.


If your skin is feeling tired, dull, stressed, or thirsty, it needs some Nourishment. This mask is plant food for your skin. Vitamin rich exotic leaves, apoptogenic mushrooms, hydrating honey and renewing extracts balanced with clarifying french green clay and soothing crushed lavender. This mask is gently exfoliating and superbly softening. Click HERE for full product information and ingredients

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