Body Potion Minis Collection

Exclusive for the holidays, this collection brings together all of our magical Potions for your body in an adorable mini size. Perfect for gifting, or as a treat for yourself. Click HERE to explore the magical ingredients of each Body Potion.

Contents: Energy 30 ml, Joy 30 ml, Love 30 ml, Renewal 30 ml, Sleep 30 ml, Instruction Card.

Rich and elegant, these Potions are incredibly moisturizing multi-purpose emulsions for your body. Each Body Potion is crafted with intention. Every botanical ingredient is chosen for both its effect on your skin and its usefulness in manifesting the desired emotional outcome of the Potion. 

How To Use:

Body Potions are super concentrated serums for the body. They are multi-purpose, luxurious and ultra pleasurable to use. They serve as In-Shower Moisturizer, Massage Oil, Bath Oil, Hand Cream, Shaving Serum and Hair Oil. Waterless, Minimalist, Magic.

In Shower Moisturizer: Massage a few drops into the skin as your least step at the end of a shower or bath. Or, step out of the shower and massage a few drops into your skin before toweling off. No Need to rinse!

Hand Cream: Use on damp skin after washing your hands. Humectants carry moisture into your skin while oils seal and protect.

Bath Oil: Pour a few drops into a warm bath for a relaxing soak.

Massage Oil: The luxury oils moisturize and provide a perfect glide for massage while the aromatherapy entices your senses! 

To Shave: Glide onto skin and shave off with a razor. Rinse razor in soapy water after use. 

For Hair: Massage a couple of drops into the ends of damp hair to protect and encourage curl. Or massage a few drops into hair as a mask, leaving it on for a few minutes before shampooing.

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