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The Face Potion Minis Collection

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  • With an innovative formula that is unique in the skincare industry, our Face Potions contain both botanical oils and humectants that bind water to your skin (without water in the bottle) giving you a fully concentrated, effective product to simplify your routine. Each Face Potion can be used as both cleanser AND moisturizer, but that is where the similarities end! With this collection you are free to explore our five unique formulas, allowing you to respond to your skin's every mood.
  • See the individual product pages for each Face Potion (links below) for ingredient information.
  • Face Potions are truly unique multi-purpose serums that serve as both cleanser and moisturizer. They can replace everything on your bathroom shelf, functioning as your one and only skincare product. They can also be worked into your current routine (they play well with others!) Our unique process of bonding humectants and oils provides the deepest cleanse (without surfactants), and are the only facial oils that also provide hydration. One Bottle, Two Steps, Full Luxury. To Cleanse: Splash your face with water. Massage a few drops into damp face and neck, focusing on areas with congestion or make-up. Remove with a warm, wet wash cloth or cotton rounds. Gently wipe away until all traces of makeup are removed. To Moisturize: While skin is still wet from cleansing (or just splash your face with water!) Massage a few drops into damp face, neck and décolletage. Essential and nurturing oils will absorb, leaving your skin glowing with a satin feel. You can customize the moisture level to your preference based on how many drops you choose to apply. The Potion can be used on its own or as a serum under your favourite moisturizer.


This collection includes all five Face Potions (15 ml each) and a 100% Organic Cotton Facecloth. Click the links below to explore the ingredients and results of each Face Potion in depth.







Customer Reviews

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Elaine L.
The Best

I’ve spent a lot of money for a lot of years looking for high-end facial products that NEVER did what these products have done in such a short time! THIS is my facial line from here on.

Krystal Rayton
Wonderful Selection

I love having all of the face potions on hand to use what I am in mood for or for what I feel like my face requires. The Clarity potion feels the most cleansing and the Comfort potion feels the most soothing. Balance potion is my favorite with it's beautiful and color and scent along with how it provides luxurious and effective moisturizing. Youth and Freedom are lovely for an overall maintenance and feeling. Highly recommend trying them all to discover your favorite!

Love that I can try all of them!

I met these ladies at the Christmas Market in Calgary last year and they were very helpful and open to all my questions. Very nice conversation and very lovely ladies. I enjoyed the face product I bought and decided I wanted to try them all. Loved that they have this variety pack! I have had no skin outbreaks while trying any of them.


I was stopped by these lovely ladies at a Christmas market in December, they asked if I wanted to try their products and gave me the best hand massage to try it out. They went over everything in great detail, the ingredients, the uses.
I wasn't sure which I waned to buy so I got the gift set to try them all out. They were all amazing.
Removing my make us has never been easier, the smells are incredible and it feels like a little spa moment every time I use it.
My 8 year old is always asking to try my skin care products and I always felt anything would be too harsh on her skin, not this. She uses it with me every night and it's the sweetest bonding moments that I know she will cherish forever.
Thank you for creating products I feel safe sharing with her.


Gave to my daughter in law, she is very particular about her skin care & she loves it!!

Customer Reviews

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