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We are Sylvan and Joy, The Potion Masters!


We are a mother daughter team based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Skincare is our absolute passion and calling. During our 25 years in the skincare industry we’ve gained knowledge about the structure and science of the skin and the safety and effectiveness of natural and synthetic ingredients. We’ve found that for many people, using natures gifts is the most effective and safest method of caring for the skin. We love the idea of balms and oils for the skin as they are nutrient dense and the formulas can remain preservative free due to their lack of water. Why are preservatives a problem? Preservatives have one job, to kill living things. They can upset your skins delicate biome of micro flora which is essential for protecting the skin from harmful bacteria. Preservatives also have questionable safety for your health and hormones and our environment and water systems. So, why do so many companies make water-based formulas that require chemical preservation? Because the skin functions best when it is moisturized with both water and lipids.  We saw this problem and made it our mission to create a truly preservative-free and water-free product that would bond with water on your skin. To moisturize effectively with water, lipids and humectants while remaining natural and functioning as both cleanser and moisturizer to simplify your routine. We believe our Hydrophilic Oils are the answer for quality, chemical-free skincare and give your skin a satiny finish and dewy glow that is unparalleled. We create each Potion with the following mission in mind.

⭐To create the most effective product that is simple to use. Skin needs a combination of water, humectants and oils to be healthy, happy and supple. We’ve accomplished this in convenient multi-use products that simplify your routine.

⭐That our products be created without the use of synthetic preservatives, so they are better for your skin, the environment and your health.

⭐That concentrated skincare uses less packaging and lasts a long time. Helping the environment and helping our customers save money.

⭐To take the exclusivity out of luxury cosmetics. We believe that everyone should be able to afford healthy skincare. We price our products as low as possible with generous sizes to make quality affordable for everyone.

There is so much to love about all of the natural skincare products available these days (how lucky are we to be experiencing a natural skincare revolution?) We are big fans of many skincare brands but found ourselves using many products layered to achieve the results and feel that we were seeking. Through many trials, many failures and the generous feedback from our human test subjects, we have created what we believe are the perfect facial and body serums. The highest quality, cruelty free ingredients with no fillers, water or preservatives, with minimal packaging and at an affordable price. We hope you enjoy the luxury and magic of The Potions as much as we have!



Sylvan & Joy      


Joy and Baby Sylvan 1983