The Potion Masters handcraft luxury, award-winning skincare in Calgary, Alberta. Launched in 2019 by Mother-Daughter founders Joy and Sylvan (aka: the original hippy mama, tarot reader extraordinaire and the skincare expert, creative formulation enthusiast). So, what are we all about and what makes our products so different (and what is this touch of Magic??)

First, let’s talk waterless beauty. We are beyond passionate about bringing your skin the best that nature and science has to offer in its most concentrated form. The Potions are made with natural botanicals and with zero extraneous filler ingredients. Many skincare products are made of up to 80% water along with fillers, thickeners, and texture enhancers to give the product substance. Potions on the other hand, contain ONLY ingredients that serve a purpose for your skin. They are potent, luxurious, and remarkably effective because you are getting the highest quality botanical and research backed (and always cruelty-free) skincare ingredients in their purest form. Waterless skincare isn’t an entirely new concept. However, The Potion IS an entirely new type of waterless product. Our 100% natural, water-loving oils capture water moisture from your tap, so your skin receives the same hydration as water-based skincare, without water (or preservatives) in the bottle. Our lack of preservatives paired with our minimalist skincare philosophy, mean that you can leave your skin’s microbiome largely undisturbed. By choosing a waterless product, you do your part to reduce the amount of packaging and transport carbon contributed to by the beauty industry.


Next, let's talk Magic! As if our innovative formulas weren’t magical enough, we believe deeply in the power of intention. That the energy (vibes if you will) that we place into our Potions get carried into the lives of that Potion’s owner. We meditate over our batches to imbue them with positivity and cast spells to support the energetic intention of each Potion (ex: Sleep, Energy, Peace, Vitality…) We are not about changing the way we look or “fixing” anything that we perceive to be wrong with ourselves. We are about creating moments of luxury and self appreciation in a hectic world. We are here to support your skin in becoming the best version of YOUR skin. We accept you and love you as you are and hope that when you include a Potion in your self-care rituals, that you feel cared for and and discover your own Magic!



Our Experience

Sylvan is our Master Formulator. She is certified in Skin Anatomy and Physiology from the International Association for Applied Corneotherapy, Fundamental Organic Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics and Essential Oil Safety from the Tisserand Institute. She has over 20 years of experience as a Manager and product trainer in spas and one of the world's largest natural cosmetics retailers. She has drawn on all of her education and experience to create formulas that are entirely new and unique in the world of skincare. Her knowledge and passion for effective natural skincare ensure that each Potion formula produces noticeable results while maintaining the strict safety standards required to be certified by CertClean

Joy is our director of sales and customer experience. With 40 years of experience as an account executive for a large freight company (and nearly a decade in the skincare field), her passion is ensuring that your experience with The Potion is absolutely perfect. She is on call nearly 24/7 to meet our customer’s needs. Joy also thoughtfully curates our local Market schedule so that our customers have the benefit of experiencing The Potion in person at all of the most lovely festivals in YYC (if you're lucky, you just might catch her reading Tarot at one of our events!)


Mama Joy and Baby Sylvan 1983