We know that our self-care Potions are a little different than other products that you’ve used before. Each one is multi-purpose, they are used a little differently and they are just so innovative!

We’ve created this guide to help you get the most out of your Potions. It was inspired by our customers’ most frequently asked questions. We are always evolving based on your feedback, if we haven’t answered any of your burning questions here, CONTACT US to let us know! 


Q: How do I use the Face Potion?

A: The Face Potion can be used as both cleanser and moisturizer (see the video below.) To cleanse, just massage a pump or two into wet skin and remove with a wet face cloth until all traces are removed. To moisturize, massage a few drops into clean, damp skin. Most of our customers love the simplicity of our one bottle, two steps system.

Below, our how-to-use video. Enjoy!



Q: Can I use it along with my other favourite products?

A: Yes! The Potion plays well with others. You can use it as a cleanser and follow up with your favourite moisturizer. You can cleanse with a face soap and use your Face Potion to moisturize. You can cleanse with your Face Potion then, use a toner, essence or serum and use you Face Potion to seal it all in. You can moisturize with your Face Potion and apply your favourite sunscreen overtop. Love double cleansing? Use your Face Potion as a first cleanse and follow up with a creamy or foaming cleanser if you love the squeaky-clean feel. Into a ten-step beauty routine? You can enjoy the benefits of your Face Potion wherever it fits best in your routine (tip: if you are applying multiple moisturizers always apply your products from lightest to heaviest. Ex. Toner, Essence, Serum, Moisturizer, Oil, Balm/Sunscreen.) If you have any questions at all about the best way for you to work your Face Potion into your current routine, CONTACT US anytime! We love chatting with our Potionistas.


Q: Rank your Face Potions from lightest to richest.

A: See below!


Q: What the heck is Bibbidi Spotibi Boo?

A: Bibbidi Spotibi Boo is the only oil in our lineup that doesn’t bond with water. It doesn’t need to because rather than being used all over as a moisturizer, you use it just on spots. You can apply it as the last step in your routine to any areas experiencing inflammation, redness or pain caused by excess bacteria or sebum imbalance. It soothes instantly, reduces bacteria overgrowth and reduces inflammation to shrink inflamed pores back down to normal overnight.


Q: How does The Potion bond with water?

A: All of our Potions (except for Bibbidi Spotibi Boo) are hydrophilic. This means that although they are oil, they love water. Through our top-secret formulation Magic, we have bonded humectants (water magnets) to our botanical oils. This means that when The Potion encounters water, either on your wet skin or blended with a few drops of tap water in your palm before applying, The Potion will absorb water and carry that moisture into your skin. Skin needs humectants to deliver and hold water deep within your cells and oils work to seal in that moisture. 


Q: Why not just use a cream?

A: Any time you purchase a cream or lotion that already contains water, it requires preservatives. Some people are a-ok with using preservatives in their cosmetic products. Many have sensitivities to cosmetic preservatives, are wary of potential health risks, don’t want to damage their skin’s microbiome or worry about the environmental impact of preservatives going into our water systems. We know the value of a water/oil blend for skin health so we created a product that would offer those benefits without needing preservatives in the bottle. This way our customers can enjoy the most effective skincare without having to use ingredients that they would rather avoid.

Q: Are your products organic?

A: We pride ourselves on making safe, preservative-free formulations using a blend of natural ingredients and science forward ingredients in the interest of skin health. At the moment roughly 92% of our ingredients are either certified organic, pesticide-free or wild harvested (this percentage changes as our product lineup changes throughout the year). The following ingredients are nature derived and safe, but processed to increase their value as emollients, humectants, and actives. Ceramides, Chlolesterol, Peptides, Glycerine, Propanediol, Olive Squalane and Cera Belina. We also use Baking Soda in our Bath Spells which is not a natural ingredient, but perfectly safe. We use Clays in our Alchemy Masks which are an all natural ingredient but can't be labelled "organic" as they are not grown. 


Q: Do you have any Certifications?

A: Yes! All of our Potions are certified clean by CertClean. You can learn more about CertClean standards HERE.  

Sylvan is our Master Formulator and she holds Certification in Organic Chemistry, Molecular Dynamics, Essential Oil Safety and Essential Oils for Healthy Skin from The Tisserand Institute. Sylvan has also completed many courses in skincare formulation. 



Q: I keep hearing about Hyaluronic Acid (HA). Why don’t you use it?

A: HA is quite the buzzword in skincare these days. It’s kind of the ingredient of the moment. We don’t use it in our formulations because we feel it is an unsuitable ingredient for our local climate.

We developed The Potion for Alberta’s dry climate (it just so happens that it works just as well in humidity!) HA is a super humectant which can hold 600-1000x it’s weight in water. In humid climates this is useful because it will keep absorbing moisture from the air all day to keep your skin hydrated. But what about if there is very little humidity in the air? Because HA relentlessly draws moisture to itself if there is no water in the environment for it to draw from, it will start to draw it from the only place it can, the deeper layers of your skin. This is why people who use it regularly in dry climates can begin to notice dry patches, redness, rough skin texture and inflammation. We don’t recommend that HA be used daily in dry climates. If you live somewhere with some humidity and wish to use HA alongside your Potions, you can find it in many toners and serums to layer before you moisturize with The Potion. 

Our hydration serum Fairy Fountain, is free of HA and instead uses Tremella Mushroom, Glycerine and Propanediol as humectants. We feel these hydrating ingredients are far superior to HA due to their naturally low molecular weight, which penetrates the skin deeply and easily without the downsides of HA. 

We choose to use Glycerine, Tremella Mushroom, Cera Bellina, Algae and Honey as humectants in our Potions. These humectants draw water into your skin when you apply the product. But, because they don’t have as much water holding capacity as HA, they won’t keep seeking to absorb more water throughout the day. The perfect solution for hydration in dry climates.



Q: I’ve never used oil on my face because I have oily skin. Can oils work for me?

A: A lot of people with oily skin have been steering clear of oils thinking that using them will make their skin oilier. The truth is that for many people, using THE RIGHT oils is one of the most beneficial things to reduce sebum production. Our skin produces sebum to protect and moisturize our skin and hair. Since sebum is meant to be protective (great job serving your biological function sebum!!) it sits on the surface of your skin and can make you look oily and clog your pores. Many of us over produce sebum and one of the main reasons can be that we are stripping to much oil with harsh cleansers and not replacing them with good moisturizers. If we give our skin light, nourishing plant oils (like those in Freedom & Clarity) it sends a message to our sebum that we have enough oil and it can chill out now!  😉

To learn more about skin types and how the right skincare can help you keep a good oil balance read our BLOG all about skincare myths and facts.



Q: What are the many ways to use The Body Potion?

A: The Body Potions are super multi-purpose moisturizers that can really help you simplify your routine and streamline your bathroom shelf! They function as an in-shower moisturizer, body oil, hand moisturizer, massage oil and bath oil (some of our customers even use them in their hair!) Each Potion has been imbued with the energy that you are seeking from the blend for a total mind, body, spirit luxury experience. They contain both oils and humectants to give your skin the ultimate moisture and protection from the elements. 

How-To Use….

In-Shower Moisturizer: Massage a couple of pumps into wet skin either as your last step in the shower or just after the shower before toweling off. You will feel The Potion transform from an oil to a satiny cream under your fingertips. Using this method, The Potion will absorb quickly and feel more like a cream.

Body Oil: Massage into your dry skin anytime. Using this method will give a richer feel on the skin and take longer to absorb.

Hand Moisturizer: This is one of our favorite ways to use The Body Potion. Keep a bottle next to your sink. After washing your hands use just one drop and massage it into your wet or damp skin. You will feel the water left on your hands absorb right in (you don’t even need to dry your hands with a towel.) A lifesaver for frequent hand washing.

Massage Oil: The Potion has the perfect glide for a sensual massage. It remains oily long enough for a great massage but fully absorbs soon after leaving your skin softer than you thought possible without an oily feel.

Bath Oil: Add a few pumps to warm running bath water. You can watch The Potion melt into the water before your eyes. It will combine with your bath water softening your skin head to toe. You won’t need to use lotion after the bath.

Hair Oil: Use just a drop in the ends of damp hair to moisturize, tame frizz and encourage curl.


Q: Trying out new products can be scary. What if I don’t like my Potion?

A: We believe in skin diversity and understand that not all products will be right for everyone. Your happiness is all that matters to us, that’s why we offer a complete 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Not because we know you will love The Potion, but because we know some of you might not. See our return policy details HERE.


We hope you've found this FAQ informative. If we missed anything that you are curious about, hit us up in the live chat or e-mail!


Sylvan & Joy