How To Become A Mask Alchemist

1. The Purist

Alchemy Masks are beautiful, complex and effective blended with only Water and Alchemist's Elixir. You can customize your level of moisture by adjusting how much Elixir you add to your mask. When adding water, we like to make ours a little thinner in consistency when using them as a cleanser, and a little thicker for masking. 

2. The Elemental

Each Mask can be blended with another to customize results specific to your needs. Examples of some custom blends: 

Tranquility + Nourishment = Teal Blue, Calming, Exfoliating.

Radiance + Resilience = Sunset Coral, Fruity, Refreshing.

Purification + Nourishment = Earthtone, Deep Cleansing, Exfoliating.

Tranquility + Resilience = Deep Purple, Resurfacing, Soothing.

The possibilities for customization are endless.You can experiment with different ratios of mask, levels of Elixir and amount of water added to suit your custom skin needs. 

3. The Chemist

If you are feeling creative and experimental, Alchemy Masks can be mixed with many skin friendly ingredients you can find at home (in place of or in addition to Water and Elixir). Some examples of our favorite additions are below.

For Dry/Sensitive Skin


-Greek Yogurt

-Olive Oil

-Fresh Avocado

-Chamomile Tea

For Oily/Congested Skin


-Green Tea

-Crushed Blueberries

-Spearmint Tea

-Fresh Aloe