Dakota, 23


I was very fortunate to never have ‘bad skin’ growing up.  A blemish here and there, but never full on breakouts. I thought I had made it home free! When I entered my 20’s however, my skin began to change. 

The blemishes came more frequently and in bigger clusters. Then, at 23, I began to break out in cystic acne which hurt a lot. I tried EVERYTHING to help clear it up. In this, I unfortunately had a reaction to retinol that made my skin break out even worse and pushed me to get a prescription topical treatment from my doctor. This was the most heavy duty thing I had ever used on my blemishes and it left my skin feeling so paper thin that just water from my shower hurt my face. 

I felt so discouraged. But then I went to seek solace from The Potion and my skin has never been happier! 

The ceramide Potion "Freedom" is like a hug for my skin that has been through so much. So lovely and nourishing, my skin doesn’t feel tight and paper thin anymore. I am left with this satin soft feeling. It is so amazing to be able to remove makeup, cleanse, and moisturize with the same product. I have always had oily skin and it somehow makes me less oily which is phenomenal! I have gotten so many compliments on how my skin is looking so nice, soft, and—clearing up! 

The spot treatment Bibbidi Spotibi Boo that I use in conjunction with Freedom is exactly what a spot treatment should be. Jam packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients that help even the deepest zits like cystic acne disappear, and it doesn’t dry your skin out to be able to accomplish that! 

I am so in love with my Potions. They have truly cleared my skin of the cystic acne that was taking over the side of my face and forehead, and it took less than a month! The Potion is absolutely phenomenal and their dedication to sustainability and getting it right is so appreciated and necessary. 

Thank you from me, and my skin. 




Lauren, 34


BEFORE                                              AFTER

“I’ve always had the issue of finding an affordable skin care regimen. I’m also terrible with being on top of a perfect program to treat skin. I tried a very popular Benzoyl Peroxide acne system and it burned my skin and dried it out so badly that I stopped using it after trying for a year (and my Mom was pissed because it was expensive, lol) Over the counter products did NOTHING for years besides make my skin too oily or too dry. I even tried an expensive natural brand that didn’t do too much as it clogged up and created blackheads in my deep scar like pores.

With The Potion, the first thing I noticed as a person with overly sensitive skin, it didn’t make my skin too dry or too oily. I also found that it works even used sporadically (during weeks of hectic life just taking priority.) I am also so thankful that even with my allergy prone, reactive skin, it seems to just calm down after using it (I get hives from other products.) I’ve had pretty bad acne for years and the Bibbidi Spotibi Boo is amazing!!!!! Since I started using it, my cystic acne has pretty well disappeared. I usually get hormonal acne and stress breakouts and they are now much less severe, painful and lengthy.

And THE SMELL IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Most powerful skincare smells like chemicals. Just before I discovered The Potion I was considering a chemical peel because I was willing to try anything to help with my cystic acne and scars. I am SO thankful that I discovered The Potion instead.”


Sabina, 34 


BEFORE                               AFTER

"When I was in my early 20's I started to have major hormone imbalances and developed some cystic acne. The doctors told me it would balance out over time and the acne would eventually go away. Fast forward to my 30's and I still had really bad cystic acne that would not go away. I tried everything, from prescription creams to expensive acne systems and those treatments never fully resolved my acne issues. It always left my skin feeling rough and dry. When Sylvan and Joy asked me to try Bibbidi Spotibi Boo I was a little hesitant as the thought of putting oil on an inflamed cyst went against everything I knew about how to soothe/help the problem. They also gave me Clarity Face Potion to cleanse and moisturize, which again, I was hesitant as my skin has always been oily so adding oil to it seemed like a really bad idea. I ditched all the other creams and cleansers and switched to using The Potion to cleanse, hydrate and treat the acne. Within 3 months my cystic acne is almost completely gone! My issues are hormonal, I get the most flare ups around my cycle and this routine has seriously changed the way my skin feels and looks during that time of the month. Thank you so much for creating something that is made with naturally derived ingredients and works, like magic!" 


Chantelle, 20
BEFORE                                       AFTER
"Using the Balance cleansing oil and Bibbidi Spotibi Boo as a spot treatment over such a short period of time (the after photo was taken only 5 days into use!) has already improved my skin and complexion. I'm very pleased with the results and excited to see even more improvement over time!"