The Ritual

We all carry aspects of the personality traits made famous by each astrological sign. The following twelve facial massage techniques are inspired by each sign, their personality traits and ruling body parts. Daily practice of this ritual can help you ease tension in the face and neck, calm your mind, and even bring your emotional wellbeing into greater harmony.

Each exercise can be done individually and chosen for your current physical and spiritual needs, or you can perform all twelve exercises in one luxurious nightly ritual. The Ritual Wand is a minimalist facial massage tool with four surfaces (Flat, Ball, Back and Curve) to support your nightly self-care rituals. The Ritual Massage focuses on lymphatic drainage, energetic balance and relaxation. Read below for detailed instructions, or scroll to the bottom of this page to follow along with the complete Ritual. 


NOTE: The video at the bottom of this page is sped up for time, but each exercise should be done slowly. Repeat each exercise at least  5 x and breathe deeply.



We begin our Ritual Massage at the top and work our way down to support lymphatic drainage. Use the Back surface of The Ritual Wand to wiggle gently upwards in back-and-forth motion from the eyebrows to the hairline. Begin in the center and work your way outwards.

Aquarians are the visionary of the zodiac. They are intelligent and often quite enlightened. As Aquarius rules the circulatory system, we were inspired to begin our ritual with a forehead exercise to bring circulation to the face. Not only will practicing this exercise encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage, but also open your mind to new ideas.

Use the Flat surface of The Ritual Wand to massage in an upward “V” between your eyebrows.

Aries are brave, optimistic and self-assured. Ruled by the head, they often run into situations and conflicts headfirst, which can result in quite the furrowed brow! To ease that tension, use this technique while thinking optimistic thoughts about what the future holds.

Use the Ball end of The Ritual Wand to massage in an outward motion along your brow bone.

Leos are known for their confidence and bravery. Being ruled by the heart has earned them the reputation of being “lionhearted” because they draw strength from emotions. Our brow is connected to our hearts, therefore brow massage supports our heart center. While practicing this exercise, thank yourself for the emotions you feel and ask them to fuel your bravery.

Press the Flat surface of The Ritual Wand ultra-gently on your orbital bone (under your eye) beginning at the inner corner near your nose and moving outward toward your temples. Make sure you have an adequate amount of serum under your eyes and press very gently with the tool and avoid dragging. To help refresh and de-puff, run The Ritual Wand under cold tap water for a moment to cool it before beginning this exercise.

Libras are known for seeking balance, harmony and justice in the world. Libra is ruled by the endocrine system and kidneys, which are connected to the eyes. This massage supports lymphatic drainage and can ease the appearance of puffiness under the eyes. Practicing this exercise helps support balance in the body and balance in the emotions to bring out your inner Libra.

Use the Ball end of The Ritual Wand to massage in small, gentle circular motions on both temples.

Virgos are known for their keen intuition so it’s no wonder they are strongly connected to the gut. Temple massage is useful for supporting the abdomen and internal organs, while quieting our minds enough that we can hear what our guts are telling us. While practicing this exercise, focus on clearing your mind and listening to your intuition.

Place the Ball end of The Ritual Wand on the area of your cheek near your earlobe where the upper and lower jaw connect. Massage in gentle circular motions while taking care to relax and unclench your jaw.

Capricorns are hardworking, loyal and ambitious. Reliability and responsibility are wonderful traits to possess, but when not balanced with enough play, the result can be stress and tension. Pair a hardworking nature with Capricorn’s connection to the bones and teeth…and you have a recipe for a clenched jaw. This exercise will help you to ease that tight feeling and create a feeling of freedom in your jaw.

Use the Back surface of The Ritual Wand to massage outward from the corners of your mouth to your cheek.

Gemini is known for the gift of the gab, charm and playful nature. All of that talking and smiling can result in tension around the mouth and cheeks. This area of the face is also connected to the lungs which are strongly linked to Gemini. While practicing this massage breathe deeply and give thanks for the smiles you experienced today.

With the Ball end of The Ritual Wand facing down use the whole length of the tool to massage the jaw. Place your chin in the divot and gently drag the tool outward towards your ear.  (This technique can be done in partnership with The Taurus for ultimate tension relief and lymphatic drainage).

Scorpios are one of the most passionate and creative signs. Scorpio rules the the reproductive organs and blood system so it’s no wonder they embody creation and transformation. The area of the face connected to the reproductive organs is the jaw (have you ever noticed increase breakouts in this area during times of hormone fluctuation?) Practicing this massage can help you bring harmony to the areas affected by hormones and help get your creative juices flowing.

With the Ball end of The Ritual Wand facing forward, gently pull the ritual tool horizontally down the side of your neck.

The bulls of the Zodiac are loyal, trustworthy and generous. Taurus is connected to the neck and shoulders. The weight of carrying all of our responsibilities and taking care of others can cause stiff and tight muscles in the neck and shoulders. While performing this exercise, imagine letting go of things you may be holding onto out of obligation. You deserve freedom.

Use the Ball end of The Ritual Wand to massage in a “U” motion behind your ears.

Cancerians give enormous compassion and care to other people. When we care very deeply, it can be difficult to let go. These feelings can accumulate as stress in the abdomen and behind the ears. While practicing this exercise, breathe deeply into your belly to release pent up emotions.


Use the Back surface of The Ritual Wand to massage the back of the neck about one inch behind your ear in a downward motion.

Sagittarians are the explorers of the Zodiac. They are known for their spontaneous and adventurous nature. Inspired by the Sagittarian carefree nature, this exercise helps release tension in the neck. Releasing tension in the back of the neck can help encourage feelings of freedom and spontaneity inspired by our Sagittarius friends.

Place the Ball end of The Ritual Wand in between your eyes and massage in gentle circular motions to stimulate your third eye.

As the last sign in the Zodiac Pisces are said to contain all of the wisdom of the other signs. They often have strong intuition and physic abilities. This last exercise in The Ritual Massage will help you stimulate your wisdom and intuition, inspired by our Pisces friends.