Artisan Mixing Bowl, Wooden Spoon & Alchemy Mask Set

We’ve partnered with esteemed YYC Ceramics Artist Jessica Danbrook to bring our customers a one of a kind masking ritual. Each face mask mixing bowl is hand made and each is entirely unique. The one you receive with your order will be a beautiful surprise, no two are exactly alike and there is a variety of beautiful textures and colours.

This Set includes One Alchemy Mask of your choice, One Artisan Mask Bowl & One Wooden Teaspoon. 

*Bowls are handmade and no two are alike. The one you receive will be a surprise and unique. May not be exactly as pictured.* 

There are five varieties of Alchemy Masks. Click the links below to view the product information, then make your selection on this page.







Growing up on a small farm in Alberta, Canada, Jessica considered herself fortunate to have a parent who worked as a ceramic artist. To that end, she was trained from a young age in her home pottery studio and that experience helped her to develop a deep love and appreciation for the arts. The discussions around ceramic vessels helped her to see forms as concepts and ideas rather than just physical objects of containment. Needless to say, much was gleaned from her days spent unloading kilns and eating meals off of fine bone china brought over from England by her grandmother. She is fascinated and inspired by a ceramic object’s ability to capture and speak to so many things at once; a time, a place, a journey, a celebration. In her own practice, she strives to create work that also speaks to each of these themes through mark making and patterns with the whole world serving as a visual and emotional guide to choose from. Working through function, she creates vessels that reference and elicit memories from her travels.

In search of arts and culture, she has traveled to over thirty different countries and has also spent a few of these years living abroad in London, England. Her recent work seeks to blur the lines between countries, cultures, and experiences. Her intent is to remind the viewer that there are multifaceted and vibrant cultures from all around us that can bring beauty and enrich our experiences inside the home. She lives for those fleeting moments where such experiences can take her breath away. Standing on a new landscape, breathing in unfamiliar air and discovering new cultures are all moments that have shaped her identity; both as a person and as a potter. In her work, she uses blank clay as a canvas to impress patterns that reference such cultural experiences and translate moments in time and space into pieces of functional pottery. Through daily use of her handcrafted vessels, her desire is to share the enjoyment and inspiration drawn from her travels, as a portal of escape and wonderment, bringing deeper meaning into the ritual of everyday life.

Follow Jessica on Instagram to explore her handmade ceramics.@jessica_danbrook_ceramics


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