FAIRY FOUNTAIN Antioxidant Hydration Serum

28 ml.   Best For: Dehydrated, Dry and Mature Skin     Texture: Juicy     Finish: Dewy

Inspired by fairy rings, lush gardens and marshy forests; this waterless, oil-free, 100% natural hydration serum is bursting with vitamins and antioxidants. Tremella Mushroom and Glycerine are two of nature’s greatest hydrators (when applied to wet skin, these ingredients act like "water magnets" to attract hydration to your skin).

Peony Blossom visibly plumps and refreshes the appearance of skin. Green Tea Extract is one the richest sources of antioxidants in the world to protect from environmental stressors and free radical damage. Extracts of Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Mulberry, Bilberry, and Black Goji feed your skin with nutrition, promote elasticity, increased glow, and a firmer appearance. Free of preservatives, synthetic chemicals and fragrance. Explore Fairy Fountain's magical ingredients below.

Because this serum is waterless, it must be used on WET skin (right after cleansing, before moisturizers or facial oils). The concentrated, water binding ingredients carry moisture deep inside your skin and trap it there. It increases your skin's hydration and dewiness while feeding your skin powerful antioxidants. When you add Fairy Fountain to your routine, you can expect to see more even skin tone, firmer looking skin, a healthy looking glow and reduction in the appearance of fine lines.

Fairy Fountain replaces hydrating toners, plumping essences and anti-aging serums. All in one magical little bottle. 100% natural, gentle, concentrated and remarkably effective.

IngredientsPropanediol (Corn Derived), Glycerine (Vegetable), Tremella Fuciformis (Mushroom) Extract, Vaccinium Angustifolium (Wild Blueberry) Seed, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Extract, Paeonia (Peony) Lactiflora Root Extract, Morus Alba (Mulberry) Extract, Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Seed Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Fruit Extract, Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Fruit Extract. 

How To Use: Massage one pump into WET skin after cleansing and just before moisturizing. Allow serum to soak in for a moment. Follow with moisturizer or face oil to seal in the hydration. Enjoy your glow! 

Alternatively, you can add one pump to a WET cotton round and swipe over your skin.

Oily Skin Types/ Humid Climates: Fairy Fountain can be used on it's own as a light hydrating moisture serum. Always apply to wet skin.

Dry Skin Types/ Arid Climates: Fairy Fountain will work best if you seal in the hydration with a moisturizer or facial oil. Always use on wet skin.


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