SERENITY. Unscented Body Serum for Sensitive Skin.

8 fl. oz (240 ml)          Star Ingredients: Ceramides, Shea, Safflower, Rice Bran, Jojoba.     Scent: Unscented

Serenity Body Potion is pure, unscented, luxury. Made with soothing and protective botanical ingredients, Serenity provides supreme moisture for even the most sensitive skin. Its ultra-rich texture is perfect for the dry winter months and for those who seem never able to quench their thirsty skin. Your search is over. 


Safflower Oil contains high level of linoleic acid, making it excellent for helping to balance the sebum levels of the skin. With its light, non-greasy consistency, Safflower Oil is absorbed quickly into the skin leaving behind a silky feel.

Grapeseed Oil is very high in antioxidants. One of our favourite things about Grapeseed oil is that it is an upcycled ingredient. Seeds that would otherwise be discarded from the wine making industry, find new life nourishing your skin!

Shea Oil brings a superior rich feeling to this formula. It is vitamin rich and filled with antioxidant to support your skin. It has been used around the world for centuries to promote glowing, soft and protected skin. 

Rice Bran Oil is one of our very favourite oils for dry, sensitive skin. It has a very rich, luxurious and protective feel, paired with a low comedogenic potential (won't clog pores). It is perfect for winter as it helps create a barrier against the dry air. 

Jojoba Oil is very similar in structure to your skin’s natural oils making it very skin compatible and protective. Jojoba can help keep your skin’s own oil production regulated, so it won’t get too dry or too oily.

Cera Bellina Wax is a hydrophilic (water loving) ingredient created by heating natural beeswax with glycerol esters. It helps to draw water into the skin and helps the oils in the formula absorb deeply (rather than remaining oily on top of the skin). Cera Bellina has the same safety and protective ability of regular beeswax, with a lighter satiny skin feel. In Serenity, we’ve teamed up three humectants (Cera Bellina, Glycerine and Polyglyceryl Oleate) to draw water into your skin and keep it hydrated and plump all day!

Vitamin E is often referred to as “the skin vitamin”. It is a powerful antioxidant known for its ability to soothe skin and protect from environmental factors.

Rice Ceramides are skin identical lipids that help to restore your skin’s protective barrier. If you think of your skin cells as “bricks”, Ceramides help make up the “mortar” that holds them together. Ceramides are especially helpful for skin conditions, dry climates and cracked or itchy skin

Ingredients: Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Polyglyceryl-3 Beeswax (Cera Bellina), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Glycerine (Vegetable), Glycosphingolipids (Rice Derived Ceramides), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Polyglyceryl-4 Oleate.

How To Use:

Body Potions are super concentrated serums for the body. They are multi-purpose, luxurious and ultra pleasurable to use. They serve as In-Shower Moisturizer, Massage Oil, Bath Oil, Hand Cream, Shaving Serum and Hair Oil. Waterless, Minimalist, Magical. 

In-Shower Moisturizer: Massage a few drops into the skin as your last step at the end of a shower or bath. Or, step out of the shower and massage a few drops  into your skin before towelling off. No need to rinse!

Hand Cream: Use on damp skin after washing your hands. Humectants carry moisture into your skin while oils seal and protect.

Bath Oil: Pour a few drops into a warm bath for a relaxing soak.

Massage Oil: The luxury oils moisturize and provide a perfect glide for a relaxing massage. 

To Shave: Glide onto skin and shave off with a razor. Rinse razor in soapy water after use. 

For Hair: Massage a couple of drops into the ends of damp hair to protect and encourage curl. Or massage a few drops into hair as a mask, leaving it on for a few minutes before shampooing.


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Great Alternative to Lotion

I love the fact that SERENITY is unscented because then it doesn't compete with my scented shower cleanser. What's also great about the serum is that it doesn't dissipate the way body lotion does. My skin stays soft and hydrated even 24 hours after a shower. Last but certainly not least, considering the fact that our skin is our biggest organ, I love that there are no harmful or weird chemicals in SERENITY. Thank you, Joy and Sylvan!

Immediate dry skin relief

A few years ago I started using Joy on my young grandson when he was visiting. It was wonderful, but then when I found Serenity, I switched to using that for him. He has very bad eczema, and after using this potion, the eczema has disappeared. My daughter uses it on my grandson every day and can't believe how well it works. She said he comes out of his swimming lessons with lizard skin, but immediately upon applying Serenity, his skin is soft and supple. My grandson is happy that it doesn't have a smell. If you have dry skin or eczema, try Serenity. It works! No more itching!

Serenity now!

I had long been on the search for a new body oil after my old favourite from another local company was discontinued. I have very sensitive skin that reacts to virtually everything and am also sensitive to scent. Finding something that would ease the dry itch of winter, actually feel comfortable on my skin, and not give me a headache or leave me sneezing was feeling entirely too difficult. And then I found Serenity! This oil is feels so lovely and nourishing and has no scent to speak of. Absolutely perfect through the dry winter but feels light enough on that I expect to be just as pleased come summer. I apply it all over my body before getting out of the shower and then squeeze the excess water out of my hair while I still have some oil on my hands. Soft and silky head to toe! I'm also loving it as a hand cream after washing my hands at the sink and as a bath oil. The only problem is that my cat also loves it and so I have to either immediately put on pants after applying it or hide under a blanket to stop him from obsessively licking my legs. Given the ingredients, I'm not too worried about him consuming it, so I suppose that's still a win really!


Allowed me to have a peaceful nights sleep without the winter itch I usually have because of dry skin. Seems to really be working!
This potion, like others is very good!

In love

Love love love this. So easy to use and nice to have a fragrance free option for days when I'm taking car pool passengers on my weekly drives because some people are sensitive to smells.

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