The Mask Alchemist Collection For Oily, Congested or Dull Skin

This collection contains everything you need to customize masks that deep cleanse your pores and refine skin texture. Enzyme rich, resurfacing and brightening, these masks leave your skin looking clearer and glowing!

This set contains 2 Alchemy Masks (Purification & Radiance), 1 Alchemist't Elixir, 1 Artisan Mask Bowl by Jessica Danbrook, 1 Wooden Teaspoon, Instruction Card.


When we are dealing with unhappy skin, we need luxury and self care more than ever. This mask is pure decadence, but don’t let the rich chocolate aroma fool you…it is also powerful! We’ve harnessed the power of magnesium rich clays, superfoods, activated charcoal and Salicin to deep cleanse, calm, and bring back your glow! Click HERE for full product information and ingredients.


This brightening mask offers a diverse buffet of enzymes from Pumpkin, Papaya, Mango and Pineapple. Enzymes help to loosen and lift dead skin cells revealing the fresh, soft skin underneath. Jojoba beads are a biodegradable, perfectly round exfoliator to help in buffing away dead skin. The result of these two types of exfoliation in harmony is brighter looking skin, increased clarity and improved elasticity. This mask has no added scents or essential oils, but the enzymatic ingredients smell just like yummy Pumpkin Purée! Click HERE for full product information and ingredients.

Alchemist’s Elixir

This Face Mask Activator contains lightweight oils of Safflower, Hempseed, Camellia and Vitamin E. Polyglyceryl Oleate attracts water moisture and binds it to your skin. Adding your desired amount of Elixir to your Alchemy Mask will customize the level of moisture and hydration you want to achieve. You can also use a few drops of Alchemist’s Elixir as a serum after rinsing off your mask to seal in the benefits and keep skin hydrated all day. Alchemist’s Elixir can be used with Alchemy Masks and other brands of powdered clay masks. Click HERE for full product information an ingredients.*Artisan Mask Bowls are handmade and each is unique. The one you receive will be a beautiful surprise. May not be exactly as pictured.*


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