THE RITUAL - Facial Massage Wand

The Ritual Wand is a minimalist facial massage tool. The four surfaces (Flat, Ball, Back & Curve) compliment the surfaces of your face to support your massage ritual. Its beautiful gold finish and Potion Masters New Moon logo are a beautiful addition to your skincare shelf. 

The Ritual Wand is made of a zinc alloy that is durable and skin-friendly. It can be used to scoop the perfect amount of product from jars, to support lymphatic drainage and relaxation as a massage tool, and for face and body acupressure. 

If you enjoy a cool sensation during facial and eye massage, hold The Ritual Wand under cold running tap water for a moment. The wand cools quickly to offer a refreshing feeling and reduce puffiness in the face. 



CLICK HERE for step-by step instructions and videos of or unique Facial Massage Ritual inspired by the astrological signs.



Customer Reviews

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This is the extra finger you need with the ball end being a power knuckle! Fits perfectly into the contours of face and neck and body and knees for a great massage. I use this with seaside and it’s incredible for pain management.

Absolutely amazing

I love, love the Ritual. Great massage tool, pampering for your face and I notice a decrease in my 11 lines after only using it a few times. I enjoy the step by step video instructions and relaxing music. It’s now become part of my morning routine.

Wonderful massage tool ❣️ Love, love, love…!

I received this wonderful massage tool as a gift in my first order. I was so happy and filled with gratitude. I am completely in love with this tool. I use it several times a day since I received it by doing the massage sequences proposed according to the astrological signs. What a nice moment of relaxation. It makes me feel well grounded. Thanks for this wonderful massage tool ❣️


I love astrology so when I saw this massage wand I got so excited ✨ It's a really good scoop for body butters and stuff as well. I'm very impressed with the quality and use it for accupressure massage on my hand as well. Thank you potion masters 💖

Love this tool!

I wasn't sure if I was going to use this tool but I got it free with my black Friday order.
Am I ever glad I got this. I love using it to massage my potions in. It fits the contours of my face perfectly. It's a great way to unwind at the end of the day!

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