2024 Beauty Shortlist Awards

March 14, 2024

2024 Beauty Shortlist Awards

We are over the MOON to announce that The Potion Masters have been awarded nine 2024 Beauty Shortlist Awards! For the third year in a row we have the honour of being named “Best Waterless Beauty Brand”. Our beloved Naiad Nectar has won the prestigious title of "Best New Beauty Product Launch". Bloom Smoothing Balm was named "Best Waterless Beauty Balm". To say we are thrilled would be a major understatement, but we just don't have the words to describe this feeling.

More than anyone else, we want to thank YOU, our amazing customers. We would not exist without your loyalty. In the big wide world of skincare, it is REALLY hard for a small brand to make it. We are constantly competing with billion dollar name brands who have unlimited marketing budgets, cheap and easy to access drugstore brands, whatever is currently trending on TikTok, Amazon, and celebrity skincare brands. We choose to let our products speak for themselves and our growth comes primarily through word of mouth. Thank you for choosing quality, and integrity. Thank you for supporting our small, family business. 💜

Being recognized by Beauty Shortlist means so much to us because of the rigorous judging process, the qualifications of the judging panel, and the caliber of the brands being considered. Products are tested for five months by health and beauty experts, television personalities, beauty journalists and magazine editors. Hundreds of brands from around the world have their products tested, and we are SO HONOURED to be in the company of some of the most respected, established brands in the world. 

Read on to learn about why our winning Potions are special and what makes them stand out in the skincare market.



Sylvan & Mama Joy




Most serums on the market contain 50-80%  water. Often you need to use a full dropper or more to feel hydrated and see results. This results in so much packaging waste that is unnecessary. So why is it the norm? The obvious reason is money. It costs much less to   produce a water filled bottle and the customer runs out faster and needs to purchase the product more often. We wanted to change that. By offering a concentrated serum that is used on wet skin and lasts up to 5x longer than water based serums, we can offset carbon emissions from shipping so often, and go through 5x less packaging. Plus, it's a better value for our customers and because it is filled with concentrated full-strength actives, the results speak for themselves. 


Bloom Smoothing Balm

Bloom is a very unique facial balm, because it starts as a balm texture, but turns creamy when used on wet skin, or can remain an oil if used on dry skin. We love that you can customize the texture and finish. The other thing that makes Bloom unique, is the perfect partnership of natural ingredients and science-based actives. The skincare industry seems to think that there are only two types of customers... ones who want natural products and don't care about results... and ones who want results at any cost and don't care about using natural products. We know that just isn't true. We know our customers want all of the cutting-edge active ingredients that are research backed to offer results, AND want to treat their skin gently with Mother Nature's gifts high in antioxidants, AND wish to avoid synthetic chemicals that can cause irritation, AND want it all in eco-friendly and ethically produced packaging. (WOW that was a mouthful!) We can have it all, and we will always be the brand to give you everything you want without sacrificing anything. 


 Balance Face Potion

This is a first time award win for Balance and we are so proud (that reformulation glow-up is really working for her!) We love Balance because it is minimalist, yet so luxurious. Balance can be used as both oil cleanser AND moisturizer. It is perfect for anyone who anyone who loves a simple routine, and doesn't want to have a gazzilion products in their bathroom (how about just one?) Because it is made with ingredients that feel rich, but have low comedogenic potential (unlikely to clog pores), it is suitable for people with dry, acne-prone skin. It smells like an actual DREAM with a blend of Lavender, Rose, Frankincense, and Blue Tansy. It gives the skin barrier support with Ceramides and Cholesterol, so over time, your skin can function more optimally day to day. It's gentle, it's soothing, it's perfect for nearly everyone. 


Bibbidi Spotibi Boo

Does it even matter that nobody can pronounce its name? No. Because it's a legend. This product has helped so many people, that we thought we would share some excerpts from our customer reviews.

"Hands down the best product I’ve ever used. I have never seen anything work so fast on a blemish in my life"

"Whether by science or witchcraft this is the best thing I have ever used for acne."

"This is magic.....I use it at and night and even during the day. Hormonal acne doesn't stand a chance."


 Frolic Skin Polish

Frolic was created as a gentle alternative to harsh scrubs and acid exfoliants for people with sensitive skin. A lot of people benefit from gentle exfoliation, but just can't tolerate many of the products on the market. Harsh physical exfoliants can damage the skin, acids aren't well tolerated by many people with chemical sensitivities. So, we created Frolic! Frolic contains ultra-fine gound rice particles, enzymes from Pineapple and Papaya, moisturizing Aloe, antioxidants from Wild Blueberry, and a small amount of the gentlest amino-acid based surfactant. It gently lifts only the most superficial layer of dead skin, moisturizes, and rinses clean and fresh. Say goodbye to dull, flaky skin without irritation. 


 Fairy Fountain Antioxidant Hydration Serum

Fairy Fountain Antioxidant Hydration Serum captures our love for all things whimsical! What you might not know is that its origins are very practical in nature. In the sea of hydrating skincare products out there, it is nearly impossible to find one without Hyaluronic Acid and Phenoxyethnol (two ingredients that our founders have extreme negative reactions to). Living in Alberta, we were in desperate need of a hydrating serum that our skin could tolerate, was dry-climate friendly, and eco-conscious. So, Fairy Fountain was born as our personal solution to dehydration and of course we had to share our favourite invention with the world! 


 Love Body Potion

This is Love Body Potion's fifth award win! Love is for anyone seeking a magical Potion imbued with the power of confidence boosting, self-love. It's for anyone who appreciates fine perfume and rare floral essences, but will accept only 100% natural scents. Love Potion is for couples looking to spark romance with an ultra romantic massage ritual. Love Potion is for those who seek a minimalist routine and prefer multi-purpose products. Basically... Love is loved by many people for many reasons. It's no surprise that she keeps impressing awards judges around the globe. 

Featuring Plumeria Blossom, Damask Rose, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Tea Seed Oil, and Ceramides. Love Potion treats the skin, spirit and senses to a beautifully sensual daily exploration of natures finest essences. 


Vitality Potion 

Vitality is a muti-purpose firming serum for the eye area, neck and décolleté. We love a good multi-purpose product, and Vitality can be used anywhere you might want to see a firmer appearance. Filled with Peptides, wild fruit oils, and the most luxurious essential oils of all, Damask Rose and Sandalwood. It has the most magical aroma, and makes a perfect ritual to ease your senses before bed. 


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