The Mask Alchemist Complete Collection

The Mask Alchemist Complete Collection is here by popular demand! This kit contains ALL FIVE Alchemy Mask formulas and a Mask Mixing Bowl all in Mini size (but when we say “mini” we really mean you’ll get 30-40 applications from one kit!). Click HERE to learn more about the ingredients and results for each Alchemy Mask.

Contents: Nourishment 25 gr, Purification 25 gr, Radiance 30 gr, Resilience 25 gr, Tranquility 25 gr, Artisan Mask Mixing Bowl, Wooden Teaspoon, Instruction Card. 

This collection includes everything you need for endless possibilities of custom masks. You can choose different masks each time you apply to respond to your skin's needs. If you are feeling adventurous you can experiment with blending your own unique mask formulas. Alchemy Masks can also be enhanced with skin friendly ingredients that you can find at home. Click HERE to explore the many ways you can become a Mask Alchemist. 

*Artisan Mask Bowls are each unique and the one you receive will be a beautiful surprise. Each bowl is handmade and it may not be exactly as pictured. This collection includes the exclusive Mini sized Artisan Mask Bowl*


Customer Reviews

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Potion Masters hit another one out of the ball park - their secret ingredient? love!

To begin, i am 61yrs old and, like many of my generation, when i was younger i slathered baby oil on my body and cooked in the sun for way too long and for way too many years. top that with acne since the age of 8 and sensitive skin made more sensitive by all the concoctions tossed at my face plus a move that took me from the ocean breeze humidity to the high desert dry climate and you have, at the very least a challenge. i have fallen in love with each potion i have purchased (i have quite the collection) and thought i would give the mask a try but which one?! i decided on this variety pack as it would allow me the chance to sample all and decide which was better for my skin. Here's the skin changes with the seasons so, at any given time, i may need to change from one to the other. this gives me that chance. they all smell like i have died and gone to heaven and my skin is truly kicked up a notch! i love the artisan bowl and mixing spoon not to mention the oil. i don't get out much. the position masters make me feel like i have gone to a fancy spa. it is hard to describe but, using the products, you just feel loved. i truly believe that is their secret ingredient!!! you have nothing to lose by trying this. i really don't have a favorite mask. at any given time each has come in handy.

mind blowing

I was skeptical, but after realizing how much i love the other face potions i did 180 degree change of mind and ordered this set. i absolutely love it. there is so much in here, which feels so good (real value for money). I use different mask depending what kinda day i had. I think it is an awesome gift for yourself or your friends, and a great way to get to know the potion masters.

Thinking of buying an Alchemy Mask? Start here!

I asked a friend who has worked in the beauty industry for years for her opinion on the best face masks for my skin (I have autoimmune, acne-prone skin). She immediately suggested The Potion Masters Alchemy line. I read about the face masks, ingredients, and feverishly tried to sort out which one or two might work for me, figuring my skin was too fussy for all the masks. Eventually, I talked myself into buying this mini set try a little of everything. I must say, it was the best choice I could have made. And actually, my face not just tolerated, but improved with each mask in different ways. There isn’t a single mask I can’t use, and for the first time (pretty much ever), I’m not needing to cover my face with make-up to hide my angry skin. I honestly never thought that’d ever be possible. It feels really soft, too.

I’d say that I use a mask 2 or 3 times a week at night, and my face feels awesome the next day. For me, I have visibly seen the best results for my skin with Radiance (the orange one), and I feel the softest with Tranquility (the purple/blue one). But they are all really awesome in their own ways.

The mixing bowl in the kit is perfect, and Sylvan was kind enough to let me pick the one I liked best, too.

Thank you for everything! :)

You deserve this!

This set was a treat for myself for Christmas. I'm so glad I decided to give it a try. The set is gorgeous. It's so beautifully presented it just feels like a special gift. I've only tried one of the masks so far but I can't wait to mix and match and have fun combining them with other ingredients. The mixing bowl is adorable (definitely treat yourself to the handcrafted bowl). I love love love this set!

GREAT GIFT for Yourself or Someone Else

This Mask Minis are a fantastic way to try ALL the masks before committing to one or two favourites. It’s also a fantastic gift idea!

The collection comes beautifully presented and the masks mini’s are a generous size. I get really ticked off when “mini” or “ deluxe sample” sizes only have enough product for two or three uses. I believe you need more time to get a good feel for how your skin reacts to a product. These mini’s definitely have you covered. I think each jar will likely give me 6+ masks. I’m also really into mixing two masks together using Alchemist’s Elixir and honey. I’ve also tried Apple cider vinegar, aloe juice, witch hazel, and yogurt as my “liquid”. They all work differently, and they all work really well. There’s only one BIG problem with this Collection; once you try the masks you realize they’re all different and they all work beautifully, so trying to narrow it down to one or two favourites is impossible. I’ll now have to buy each one in its full size!

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