The Mask Alchemist Complete Collection

The Mask Alchemist Complete Collection is here by popular demand! This kit contains ALL FIVE Alchemy Mask formulas and a Mask Mixing Bowl all in Mini size (but when we say “mini” we really mean you’ll get 30-40 applications from one kit!). Click HERE to learn more about the ingredients and results for each Alchemy Mask.

Contents: Nourishment 25 gr, Purification 25 gr, Radiance 30 gr, Resilience 25 gr, Tranquility 25 gr, Artisan Mask Mixing Bowl, Wooden Teaspoon, Instruction Card. 

This collection includes everything you need for endless possibilities of custom masks. You can choose different masks each time you apply to respond to your skin's needs. If you are feeling adventurous you can experiment with blending your own unique mask formulas. Alchemy Masks can also be enhanced with skin friendly ingredients that you can find at home. Click HERE to explore the many ways you can become a Mask Alchemist. 

*Artisan Mask Bowls are each unique and the one you receive will be a beautiful surprise. Each bowl is handmade and it may not be exactly as pictured. This collection includes the exclusive Mini sized Artisan Mask Bowl*


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